Discharge papers: Military record of “Honorable Discharge”

Death Certificate of Veteran if applying as surviving spouse.

Valid marriage license or certificates (information on other marriage if married more than once): Dates, places, maiden names and reasons & dates marriage ended (divorce or death).

Social security numbers (veteran & spouse).

Birth date(s) and place of birth (veteran & spouse – do not need birth certificates).

Physicians Information: Doctors’ names, addresses, phone numbers, and dates you first started to see them and for what condition (both veteran and spouse)?

Gross monthly income from all sources of revenue (veteran & spouse): Social security, pension, interest earned, dividends distributed, disability income, etc.

Financial Statements (estimated values of each where applicable): Bank accounts, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, most recent brokerage account, annuities, IRA’s, other real estate outside of primary residence, and life insurance cash value.

Voided check from account you wish to have VA direct deposit your benefit.

All non-reimbursed, monthly recurring medical expenses: Healthcare & supplemental healthcare premiums paid out of pocket, facility and or home health costs. Long Term Care (LTC) insurance premiums.