How Much Did You Pay?

Did you, or a family member, pay someone other than an attorney to help file a claim for Aid and Attendance?

Do these *fees sound familiar to you?

Elderly Female VeteranHow about an elderly widow/widower whose spouse honorably served our Nation during a wartime era and was told they would get all the help they needed AFTER they paid $2,500 to get help?Elderly Male Veteran

Old Man Veteran aloneHow about a single Veteran who served our Nation during a wartime era and was charged $3,500 to get help?

elderly navy coupleOr, this married couple (one being an eligible Veteran) who were charged $4,000?

38 CFR 14.636 authorizes Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to make direct payment of fees to accredited agents and accredited attorneys.  Under this regulation, accredited attorneys and agents may charge reasonable fees for representation provided before VA in a case only after

  • an agency of original jurisdiction (AOJ) has decided a claim, and a notice of disagreement (NOD) has been filed
  • the agent or attorney has complied with the power of attorney (POA) requirements in 38 CFR 14.631, and
  • the fee agreement requirements in 38 CFR 14.636(g) have been satisfied.

There are some exceptions, but if a non-profit tells you that they will only help you after you pay a fee, beware! That’s possibly fraud!

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As an IRS-registered 501(c)(3), The Cleveland American Veterans Association, depends on donations from our clients and the public, but we will NEVER charge a fee to assist you with your claim.

*pictures of people above are not actual clients.